What is White Hat SEO?

Google is never against optimization but definitely, slaps every time someone tries to manipulate their program, i.e., their search algorithm. With their new algorithms like Humming Bird or their RankBrain codes, they are more capable of extracting not only the exact meaning but also the user intent behind that search query.

You will find from every reputed resource that SEO doesn’t work anymore like it used to work in back years. I mean, you can’t rank well just with filling keyword around Pages or build thousand of directory and forum links. That’s Past – forget it that Google will only rank you because you’ve thousands of low-value links pointing to your money website.

White Hat SEO is something which is not manipulative, which involves everything that is recommended by Google and which helps users as well as search engines. Google also warns webmasters not to get involved with bad service providers claiming #1 rankings.  See what Google says about it:

Deciding to hire an SEO is a big decision that can potentially improve your site and save time, but you can also risk damage to your site and reputation. Make sure to research the potential advantages as well as the damage that an irresponsible SEO can do to your site.

It’s your time to choose a legitimate Calgary SEO agency which gets things right on the track rather than having damage to search performance.

You Don’t Need Over Optimization:

Did I say this? OK fine, that’s right. Never over-optimize a web page. Think like you’re just filling your keywords (for which you’re trying to improve your web page rankings) with-in your text. You don’t even need to think about bots (search engine crawlers) here. Just be clear to users what do you have to say, and stick to that. That will keep you far away from content issues. Sometimes an image has more worth than 1000s of words, though Google can’t depict the text from Image, so you have to specify the significance of that image to search engines (with the use of ALT attribute) technically.

Do You Need Links?

Yes, but not manipulate. Google can differentiate natural from unnatural links. Unnatural links usually have involvement with link policies like buying or selling links, link exchanges, sponsored contents, links from low-quality sites, links from PBN etc. Not every link is treated equally and that matters a lot. There are some legitimate ways you can earn backlinks from related websites.


Anyone claiming you the number one rankings is no more a truth. I mean, you can, but Google (and I J) algorithms are smart enough to rank websites which are worth enough to satisfy the user’s requirements. From information structure to reliability, credibility and user experience, Google will use every signal to generate the rankings of all indexed resources. So your job will be to make your website better (for users) and let Google does rest of the thing.


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